About TechSites

Where technology meets storytelling

At TechSites, we believe that every visionary enterprise deserves a digital platform that captures its spirit, vision, and expertise. Born from a collaboration between Silver Websites and Tesserae Communications, TechSites brings together the best of both worlds: the technical prowess of web design and the art of meaningful communication.

Silver Websites: Crafting Digital Realms
Founded by Philip King in 2014, Silver Websites has been illuminating the digital space with its bespoke website solutions tailored for diverse business needs. With a rich legacy that encompasses project management, IT professionalism, and a personal touch, Silver Websites is more than just a tech firm. It's a promise of understanding, customization, and unwavering commitment to fairness and collaboration.

Tesserae Communications: Sculpting Narratives
Chris Nairne envisioned Tesserae Communications with a singular belief: good communication is the cornerstone of any enterprise's success. With an extensive background spanning the private, public, and charity sectors, Chris brings a diverse array of skills to the table. From creative writing to strategic planning and everything in between, Tesserae Communications is a testament to the power of effective storytelling.

TechSites: Your Digital Partner
As TechSites, our mission is clear: provide businesses with websites that not only shine in design and functionality but also resonate with their unique stories. Drawing from Philip's technical expertise and Chris's flair for communication, we create online spaces that truly reflect our clients' visions and values.